This is the start of this performance.

A performance with a large group of people (20 or more or a group that keeps changing numbers as some arrives, some leave, etc…)

In a large space… Public square… An atrium

Every member of the group walks a route unique to them.

That route is a cycle taking that person from point a and returning to point a. It is a loop that continues during the whole duration of the performance.

The routes are individually work on first, but all together in the same space.

From this repetition of the individual routes, a group pattern should organically take place/shape. The recurrent moments should become visible. Individuals should cross at a specific place, point, encounter another at the same place.

The audience can view the piece from each side and from different level/height.

Some audio will ‘describe’ either what the whole pattern could be, or what individuals, or couples could be doing or be part of, or what could be their stories…

The different levels represent different levels of understanding, or level of communication.

The piece is for me an exploration of society as a system and the place and responsibilities of the individual within that system to keep the system working.

I am interested in presenting a system that works, until something/someone disruption it and presenting the reorganisation/disorganisation that follows.

I am interested in researching aka society from 2 fronts. First from the bottom down, individuals forming a group pattern. Second from the top down, via policies. Researching how policies infitrate the everyday,change people’s lives.


What strategy could I use to help me develop this.

Need a policy that has been put into place to analyse and understand that process better.

Thinking that maybe those are 2 differents things…

But why not one element of it? the top layer

How does it affect the bottom layer?

Need to think of the layers.

Ground layers… The everyday, the minutia of lifes from different perspectives.

A writing exercice to present the multitude of possible interpretations

Top layer, very far and small, the pattern is more visible as a whole. The system is visible in the movement but not in the details… Could be interesting to junxtapose The language of policies, also a formal distant language