Photo by Julian Hughes
A performance installation about journeys at sea, migration and cycles.

PARALLELS is an immersive durational performance installation.

Inspired by stories of men lost at sea (Pincher Martin, The Lampedusa Disasters, Jan Bas Ader’s In search of the Miraculous), this project explores the themes of migration, journeys at sea, migration cycles and patterns.

From fragments of current and past real-life journeys, Chris presents a human and universal story of migration, inviting the audience to look at the details, to move to the right perspective and to cross the seas…

This project is made of 2 distinct but complementary art works.

First, there is a durational performance dealing with ideas of perspectives and change of points of view, journeys at seas and journeys of the mind, migration cycles and patterns. The performance transforms the space into an immersive installation that stands on its own and can be viewed separately after the performance. The installation makes visible the human constructs of parallel lines, time zones, borders and holds the fragments of narratives/journeys presented during the performance.

The installation can stay for as long as desired.

This work is subtle and powerful, has humour and offers a poetic and reflective experience, with strong lingering images. It is aimed at reaching a wide audience, with opportunity to see the performance and/or the installation.


Developed with a seed commission from Curve Theatre and in-kind support from Curve Theatre, Dance4, South East Dance, Decoda, New Walk Gallery