Chris. Dugrenier is a french performance maker.

Image, language and space driven, Chris’s work starts with the autobiographical with a few exaggerations and white little lies.

A journey, a heart-to-heart, a play on the senses, Chris’s work bemuses, amuses and amazes, provokes moments of reflection and leaves you looking at the familiar differently.

Mainly solo performances, Chris’s work has been a site specific performance within a tea dance, a collection of video vignettes, a one-to-one and could be a sound card,a political movement, an impossible public art work.


‘Delightfully simple and resonant’

‘The best theatre makes us see ourselves more clearly. Yours did that.’


A durational one-to-one performance & sound piece exploring intimacy in public spaces

Commission for ‘Expo06’ - Nottingham - Nov. 2006

Part of Clipper organised by Dance 4 – Feb. 2007

Part of Intimacy: Across Visceral & Digital Performance Festival Goldsmith College –  Dec 2007

Part of ‘Chauffeur Service’ – Nottdance08 –  Oct 2008

Part of ‘The Garden of Cyrus’ - Norwich - July 2009

Shoemaker’s ball

Created, directed and performed with Luis Sotelo.

A site-specific performance/ball to mark the last moments of a building as a shoe factory.

The Chelsea Workshop - Northampton - June & July 06

The Picturedrome - Northampton - June 05


A film exploring the limits of the human body in 3 dimensional space using the medium of aerobatic flight. To fly  an aerobatic routine, the pilot must first visualise the sequence on the ground, mentally and kinesthetically conditioning  his body to control the physiological reactions it will experience during the flight.

French pilots  call this ‘La Danse’

Commission for ‘Motion at the Edge’ Exhibition - Long Buckby - Oct 2005

Part of Radiator - Nov 2005

Part of Eden Art Centre Dance Festival - May 2006

Part of Xtend 09 Bodies in flight South Hill Park Art Centre - Feb/April 09

Part of REM - Warwick Arts Centre - Nov 2011

Coventry Lit.

Created, directed and performed with Luis Sotelo.

Coventry Lit. webs together barriers, buildings, the human condition, home and the flow of life. A performance where the public text their thoughts for all to see…

Fierce International Festival - May 2005

Night Shift

Two solitary souls meet in the world.

One of them lament and implores of the other a consolation.

Very slowly, the other one approaches and whispers ‘It is night for me too. Is this not a consolation?’

Outdoor site-specific performance on Ghost ships, city at night and the sea...

Birmingham Bull Ring - Jan. 2004


I would like to sing someone to sleep, have someone to sit by and be with, I would like to cradle you and softly sing, be your companion while you sleep or wake, I would like to be the only person in the house who knew the night outside is cold and I would like to listen here to you and outside to the world and the woods...

A site-specific performance on solitude, emptiness and missing a close one...

The Little Gallery - Birmingham - July 2004

© chris.dugrenier 

The Assembly Rooms - 17 Church Street - Long Buckby - Northants - NN6 7QH - UK

Collaborate, devise, perform with Stan’s Cafe Theatre,

30 Bird...

Write, produce, perform, direct, film, record,

collage it all

to create the simpler the image the greater the dream

Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy

Theatre Lab, Royal & Derngate last Nov.2011,

Isham Studio - Northampton University - March 2012,

CPT Sprint Festival - March 2012,

Hatch:Scratch - Embrace Arts, Leicester, June 2012

The Core - Corby - July 2012

The Studio - Corby International Swimming Pool -10th Nov. 2012

Isham Studio - Northampton University - 16th Nov. 2012

JAM @ The Junction - Cambridge - 20th Nov. 2012

PilotNights - Warwick Arts Centre - 30th Nov. 2012

Camden People Theatre - Preview - 19th Dec. 2012

SPRINT Festival - CPT - 12th March 2013

Julian Hughes

Elan Vital

Elan Vital is a performance to exercise the mind, spirit and body…

A gentle warm up, an exploration of ageing, athleticism and the idea that ‘you’re never too old’.

Through her attempts to perform a gymnastic ‘back walkover’, Chris. Dugrenier tries to find out if she has left it too late.

This could be tragic or life-affirming.

First developed as part of CPT Starting Blocks 2012.


07944 417423

Redeveloped for gyms and sport Halls, Elan Vital was further presented at:

  1. - PDSW as part of Unusual Dance in Unusual Spaces - June 14

  1. -Toured gyms and sport Halls in Northamptonshire as part of Big Dance - July 2014

Supported by:

ACE England - Dance4 - Core Corby



Wealth’s Last Caprice

"After a lot of huff and puff, coffee and tears, weeks in the making, days in the typing, 11 pages long, my list is done..."

In this solo performance, I take my belongings off their shelves, out of dusty boxes, pile them high and take a look back at dreams, ambitions, vanities and compulsions. At what cost? And what for? In the end, all will be lost... but for a few treasures that will become my legacy. And you will be my witness. Wealth's Last Caprice is a Vanitas for our times, a sensitive, funny and touching reflection on what we value.

Work-in-progress at The Assembly Rooms – Northants – April 2008

Work-in-progress at the Sandfield Theatre as part of Dance 4 Sharing Platform

Nottingham – May 2008 

Presented at Pulse 2011 - May 2011

Premiered at The Core Corby – March 2012

Bristol Mayfest 13 - The Wardrobe Theatre - May 2013

HATCH Notthingham for NEAT 14 - Gallery of Justice - Notthingham - May 2014

Coming to Embrace Arts and Chelsea Theatre in the Autumn...

Supported by:

ACE England - Dance4 - Core Corby

Julian Hughes