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6 months ago, a collaboration between Central Saint Martins MACCC (Culture, Criticism & Curation) and MA FA (Fine Arts) was created.

8 of us came together and started this project in response of the CiJ (Centre for Investigative Journalism)’s 2020 Logan Symposium.

We had a blank page, the theme of the symposium ‘Collective Intelligence’ and the interest to work with virtual, augmented and all in between realities.

Today, we launch our online platform that hosts our first exhibition ‘Tittytainment Age’ featuring the works of Tobias Gumbrill, Talia Golchin, Zahraa Karim, Min Yu and myself.

This exhibition can be viewed from the Logan Symposium from 16th to 19th November 2020 and directly from our platform.

Curatorial team: Na An, Maria Serena Padricelli, Maria Radu, Clara Wicaksono, Isa Bascuñana. Chris. Dugrenier, Talia Golchin.

Unity Engine expert: Ziqin Yan (Aka Castan)

With thanks to Louise Morris for her insights in the early part of the project.

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