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New work series: Uniforms…

Recently, I was moved to make an ‘object’.

A pair of padded sleeves,

white-collar  shirt hanging by threads from them,

Half of a body-shell,

No head to bow,

No arms to rise, 

No hands to shake,

No legs to stand on,

No eyes,

No mouth,

No voice,

No body

Nobody but a uniform…

The uniform is the institutional skin, which makes the disciplined body most intelligible. As a system of representation, it identifies a body’s specific function in a given institution and thus defines the behaviour of others. [1]

An apron, a lanyard, a polyester shirt with embroidered logo, a hairnet, a pinny, hospital clogs, a high-vis,…

A synthetic surface.

These are the uniforms that interest me. 

These visual identities are a lens to how society conforms.

Tokens of low status with little to no power, I want to give weight to what hitches, pinches, to what marks the skin, to what hurts and is pulling them down, to make them fleshy totems that ‘unveil social mechanisms’.


First in the series : NOT EVEN THE MINIMUM…

Not even the minimum…

For our time and maximum effort

Sure, influence and advantage are dividends for the ego,

A leverage for experience,

Not even the minimum

Not even 8 bob & 21 pennies for sixty minutes of our labour

Not even…

Time and effort are onerous,

A handicap in the long run

An albatross that hangs over

8lb 21 is heavy to wear

when hope is beyond reach

‘Not Even The Minimum’ is a work that presents the emotional weight of in-kind (unpaid) labour.

The minimum was set by an act of parliament, 22 years ago.

The rate then was £3.60 an hour. Today, it is £8.21.

Here, this number is represented in weight (Lb), each sleeve weighed down with 4lb 10 of sand.

It’s heavier than it looks’.