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CDB Publications

As a way to learn about online publications and the intricacies of putting together such type of artistic projects, I collaborated with Bill Daggs, Justine Hounam and Elisabeth Tomlinson, co-students on the MA Fine Art course at CSM.

We put together our ideas and writings and developed a publication by artists, for artists, for reflection, for sharing processes and inner working…

The aim of this publication is to offer artists a space for reflective writings.

Indeed, artists are asked to think forward, or even to be ‘ahead of the time‘.

For me, artists need also to be able to look back, to reflect on their practices, their methods, their working approaches and environment and how those sit within a complex and not so fine Fine Art world.

The first titre ‘Behind the Times...’ is now visible here.

We are not the only ones to think that reflecting on your practice is essential. Art organisation Artangel has offered 20 artists such ‘thinking time’ out of which came 3 Thinking Time talks that debated institutions opacity, disposable artists, artists working conditions, collaborations, productivity, rest and care.

I think that such projects are really important for non-artists to get to know about how artists live, work and what goes on in their head.

Photo: Louise Richard

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