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Past Projects

My Practice is inspired by life journeys and journeys of the mind, memento mori, moments of solitude, absence, encounters and departures. Sites and current affairs prompt my performances where the real triggers the fictional, the private meets the public, intimacy occurs between strangers and the end mirrors the beginning

“Wealth’s Last Caprice is delightfully simple and resonant…”

– “The material is personal enough to be powerful and yet open enough to provoke personal reflection…”

– “Chris. does not tell us what to think but gives us space to think our thoughts…”

– “This performance was moving… sometimes exquisitely so…”

“Hearten – Heart to heart really challenging! My perception of my own personal boundaries was ripped to pieces. As I laid my head on the heart of a stranger who stroked my hair, I thought: this is intimate, this should be my boyfriend/confidante/sister but left nothing except complete comfort, which was the most surprising thing of all! I thought the venue was great for intimate experiences.”

-“Chris’s work was wonderful, intimate and tender. Her demeanour was gentle and her presence strong. Such simple work can be so profound and pertinent to one’s feelings at the time.”

-“I certainly had a scary experience with a curly haired woman caressing a man’s head on the stairs but fantastic…”