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"...Delightfully simple and resonant..."'...This performance was moving... sometimes exquisitely so..."'...powerful and elegante...'

"...Delightfully simple and resonant..."

Elan Vital

'...This performance was moving... sometimes exquisitely so..."

Wealth's Last Caprice

'...powerful and elegante...'


"...Chris. does not tell us what to think but gives us space to think our thoughts..."

"...The best performance makes us see ourselves more clearly. Yours did that..."


An alumni of Dartington College of Arts, I am a French independent artist working across artforms from solo performances, video art, site-specific and live art projects. I have a vision for works that are poetic, layered, experimental, works that take time, that take place in unusual settings and that are demanding of its audience. My […]

Current Projects

My practice is shifting towards multi-disciplinary performance/installation. Though ambitious in approach, I sense a pull towards stripped, bare, simple elements; gentle transformations of space and energy toward waves; cycles, patterns and repetition gradually, subtly shifting and changing to bring about ‘the realisation that at first glance we may think we’re looking at a constant, but […]

Past Projects

My Practice is inspired by life journeys and journeys of the mind, memento mori, moments of solitude, absence, encounters and departures. Sites and current affairs prompt my performances where the real triggers the fictional, the private meets the public, intimacy occurs between strangers and the end mirrors the beginning “Wealth’s Last Caprice is delightfully simple […]


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