Towards an art practice:

-Unbound by art forms,

-That places works in the everyday life

-Where Chance is used as a way to compose

-Where uncertainty is mobilised

-That accesses ‘the secret labour and artistic work of my instincts’ (Nietzsche)

-Where the personal meet the public,

-Where autobiography is a mirror for others

-Where pedestrian movements, familiar gestures and steps form an ‘agencement’ of repeating patterns

-In a language you don’t understand

-With stripped bare, simple elements; gentle transformations of space and energy

towards waves; cycles, repetition, gradual, subtle shifts and changes to bring about

the realisation that at first glance we may think we’re looking at the same thing over and over

a constant, but only through careful observation can we see that things are not the same.’

-That work towards the generation of difference rather than the reproduction of the same,

-To see the familiar as strange, as distant, as outside us…

-To make us ‘un-at-home’ with the everyday thereby restores it ‘as a potential place of marvel

where we might become other than what or who we are

-To draw us into a space of not knowing, a space of thinking in the widest possible sense


-To test what it means to be in the world, approaching ideas of community, the role and responsibilities of the individual within a group… aka society…

-To encourage us to let ourselves be moved, questioned modified, enriched by the other…

-That always works with truths

-That makes visible human concepts and thoughts

-Where the end mirrors the beginning

-Uniting all the arts